Quimby Lombardozzi



For as long as I can remember animals have captured my heart and been an important part of my life, especially senior and special needs dogs. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a dog relax and experience the restorative effects of therapeutic massage. My clients are dear to me and the animal/human connection established during massage is my favorite part of the job.

On the home front, my husband and I are the adoring guardians of a bandit-faced senior Rottweiler mix named Josie (also known as Jo Girl, Floppy Jo, Jelly Jonut and Josie VonBunweiler), and in 2016 we bid farewell to George, a beautiful Great Pyrenees/Golden Retriever mix and dear soul who was the gentlest dog the world has known (Rest In Peace, sweet boy).



I was inspired to become a small animal massage practitioner after taking an introductory massage class many years ago.  After employing the simple techniques I learned in class on my own dogs I saw the powerful effects of massage and wanted to learn more. I began volunteering at local shelters and was inspired to pursue a path in animal wellness. In 2012 I enrolled in the Northwest School of Animal Massage and subsequently earned my certifications in maintenance massage and rehabilitation massage. Since then I’ve gained a wealth of experience with a variety of different breeds, ages, temperaments and medical conditions. 

Member: IAAMB/ACWT (International Association of Animal Massage & Bodywork / Association of Canine Water Therapy)



I love and serve ALL dogs but have a special place in my heart for rescued animals. In addition to private practice, I continue to be an active shelter volunteer and donate massage services to special needs shelter dogs. For more information, including video clips and pictures, please visit ResQ Animal Massage’s Facebook page and Instagram account. 

Quimby with Josie and George, photo by Laura Hinrichs

"Impressed. Very informative, gentle, knowledgeable, and extremely accommodating."

- Leslie G.