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"Impressed. Very informative, gentle, knowledgeable, and extremely accommodating."

- Leslie G.

Quimby massaged our two senior dogs recently and was wonderful! Our 13 year-old dog has arthritis in her back knees and the next day she had a noticeable spring in her step! Quimby was professional and was so sweet and patient with our pups.

-Kathryn Gapinski

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Quimby! She worked wonders on my two seniors before they passed away. They were more limber and active after she massaged them. Quimby is the kindest and most passionate person I’ve ever met! She truly loves what she’s doing and it definitely shows!

-Sue Smith

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! That's all I can say about ResQ Animal Massage, and Quimby especially. She helped restore flexibility and movement to our 15 year-old dog, making his final few months more comfortable and enjoyable. Our 12 year-old dog knows when Quimby's coming to see him, and gets so excited when he sees her! She works wonders, and I highly, highly recommend her to all pet owners.

-Greg Tudor

ResQ Animal Massage has been wonderful for my pup Louie. I first started using this service after TPLO surgery for Louie to help with recovery. It became a more critical part of Louie's wellness as Louie ended up having the surgery twice in one year. We set up regular appointments to keep Louie in good form. Quimby works on Louie's tightness and sensitivities that keeps my little guy moving without pain. He loves seeing Quimby ! Louie's still a young dog with a lot of life to live, and ResQ helps with that!

-Laura Quinn

Quimby has made such a difference in Sophie’s recovery from hind leg amputation! I also appreciate Quimby’s guidance and support in maintaining Sophie’s care between appointments. I cannot recommend ResQ massage enough for all four-legged kiddos - but especially those who are recovering from surgeries such as TPLO and amputation.  

-Heather Carpenter


Our sweet 15 year old senior golden retreiver, Paulie, has been suffering from arthritis for well over a year and his pain and ability to walk was getting worse. No longer were his pain meds helping enough and we were using the best joint supplements and other available. We decided we needed to try massage after seeing all the great work ResQ is doing for shelter pets.

We've seen tremendous results after having several initial treatments and then keeping up with monthly sessions. We would love to have Quimby massage all of our dogs some day. For now, we have been working on all of them with some easy to follow techniques she has taught us.

I believe we've had more time with Paulie thanks to Quimby's work and for that, I consider her talents to be priceless.

-Olivia Hipes

ResQ Animal Massage was giving Emma regular massages for the last few months of her life. I cannot recommend Quimby enough! After every session Emma was perkier and more limber and it was a joy to see her acting like a puppy again!

-Andrea Bondelie

We want to thank you for helping [Gunter] and us through one of his many health crises in his final months. You truly helped extend his life and the quality of his life. For that we are so grateful.

-Mary and Jim

I am so relieved that my dog is feeling better! Our dog Ruckus is 9 years old and has been dealing with chronic back pain. Our vet recommended muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory medicines which had mixed results. Ruckus had his first massage with Quimby and he is already showing improvement far beyond what we have seen with conventional treatment.

He is already able to increase his activity and the muscle tension in his back has changed so much I can see a physical difference! I am so relieved to see this awesome progress after just one massage and look forward to continuing this work and enjoying life with my boy - happy and active in his golden years!

-Sara DeFrancesco